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the food religion

the food religion


Studio Appétit Atelier

In a world influenced by social media trends, our attitude to food over recent years has amplified.

Chefs and food bloggers are the New Rock Stars. The rise of the craft-organic-anti-label-locallysourced-

flat-white is everywhere. ‘Foodies’ are seeking the Holy Grail of food, investing more in quality experiences and getting serious FOMO for not seeking instant pilgrimage to the most recent restaurant acclaim to smack the lips and thumbs of our fellow Instagram community. Food Worship is all around us – pushing the boundaries of our social lives.


One might say that in a reality where food worship has become the most common belief, it is inevitable to compare food to religion. There are so many parallels between the two: their admiration, traditions, rituals and sacredness.


Foodies culture, food porn, instafood, social networks and the large appeal of celebrity chefs, the new priests, are all together part of this new found land of belief - FOODISM, the food religion. A religion that is not trying to replace others but to infiltrate our everyday, our choices and frequent rituals that define our life - Breakfast, lunch and dinner, meals in between meals, tv dinners, festive feasts and family gatherings, the meals you have by yourself or something you grab on the go.

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The food religion TRIBUTE

the food religion


the food religion; tribute

2017 // German Gymnasium, London


Studio Appétit Atelier

In Collaboration: CONRAN+PARTNERS, Mark Taylor Desgin, D&D,  RawFinnish, ClayBrook, EERO AARNIO, INTO lighting, Milk Structures

‘The Food Religion | Tribute’ is the first instalment to emerge from Studio Appétit’s experiential platform entitled ‘The Food Religion’ which is to be followed by a series of worldwide exhibitions, installations and future collaborations.

Exploring the idea of Food Worship in contemporary culture, for one week only, the cathedral-like volume of German Gymnasium will play sanctuary to a six-metre high installation and host to an interactive culinary experience.


This first installation, headlined by our collaboration with Conran + Partners will focus on the notion of culinary Tribute. By playing with the scales of human experience between the monumental structure and the personal consumption experiences we have created a highly detailed, multi-faceted exploration that is set to take the visitors on a physical and spiritual journey.

The elements towards the base of the installation represent the foundations of food and cooking which rises into a celebration of food consumption. Conran + Partners worked with a team of expert manufacturers to deliver this ambitious structure including Claybrook (Stone), Mark Taylor Design (Timber), IntoLighting (Metal + Lighting), Aarnio Originals (Colour) and Milk (Structure).


Upon taking in the scale of the installation, guests will be invited to try an immersive multisensory dessert and two cocktails available exclusively for the duration of London Design Festival. Designed in collaboration with Studio Appétit and the German Gymnasium.


The Bauhaus Tableware, a new product launch by Studio Appétit and Raw Finnish by Hukka Design, is used to present the dessert and cocktails. Made from three materials – oak, brass and Finnish soapstone (a 2-billion-year-old material) crafted into simple geometric shapes directly responding to the installation.

The first cocktail #Garnishdesign will reimagine cocktail aesthetics, challenging guests to create their own edible garnish compositions. Cocktail ingredients will not be revealed so the guest can focus instead on the colour, texture and form.

The second immersive cocktail, Baptism of a Cherry, is a highly exclusive experience, with only three cocktails available each day. Created as a divine celebration of craft, ingredients and design, the cocktail is part of a culinary ceremony served in an exquisite hand-crafted cup.

The dessert, Holy Cherry, is a black forest cake deconstructed into a ritualistic experience of culinary tribute, set in a geometric composition on a limited-edition, hand-made Bauhaus serving board. Edible shapes will serve as a miniature culinary playground for diners and a Kirschwasser accompaniment will enhance the offering.



tribute tastings


Studio Appétit Atelier




A ritual is a set of actions performed mainly for their symbolic value, that may be prescribed by the traditions of a community. The purposes of rituals are varied and may include fulfilment of religious obligations or ideals, satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, social and moral education. They provide us with time-honoured means for expressing and experiencing appropriate

devotional emotions.


Eating, by definition is a ritual and is one of the most common ones throughout human existence.

In a time where food and food culture take centre stage and have been elevated more the any other time before - it is intriguing to explore the juxtaposition of the culinary/foodie world and ritualistic values embedded in it with the notion of religion as it is where we usually consider the presence of rituals and ceremonies.


The tastings are an invite only event for a limited number of guests. A ceremonial gathering that explores themes like Food worship, aesthetics, sacrifice and tribute. Through an interactive tasting led by Ido Garini from Studio Appétit, the essence of the installation will be reflected in flavour, interaction and consumption. Providing a glimpse into the story of The Food Religion, the architectural masterpiece erected in the space and the modern culinary ritual imagined.

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Eating confessions


Studio Appétit Atelier

That extra scoop of ice cream that left us in regret, the jalapeno we shouldn't have added to a traditional french dish, a rare bird that we couldn't resist tasting. Culinary sins are a big part of our daily encounter with food and its preparation.

Searching for equivalent ceremonies in the new food religion, we would like to present the world's first culinary confession booth. A sanctuary you can enter and confess your deepest and darkest culinary sins - kitchen disasters, caloric guilt, or the white lies you tell about flavour, aroma and pleasure. Since food is such a crucial part of our being, it is only reasonable to have an outlet for the psychological baggage it hides within.