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@LDF 2018

Studio Appétit is going to fold a garden.


An immersive landscape experience in a playful garden that flips throughout the day like a pop-up book, revealing new stories.

Commissioned by British Land to create a stand out interactive installation for the new Paddington Central Design Route. Studio Appétit’s Ido Garini

has brought to life the exciting child-like sensation of opening a pop-up book by creating an outdoor setting that transitions throughout the day like the flip of a page.

Merging the rich Victorian heritage of Paddington Station and its surroundings with contemporary and innovative design, the installation invites

visitors to immerse in a lavish and inspiring atmosphere.



Showcasing the first collection of RawFinnish that will celebrate craftsmanship, texture and form.Creative Director Ido Garini has created an exciting variety of products that showcase the diversity in function and aesthetics the stone can achieve. A combination of innovative tableware that offers striking forms and alternative uses, harnessing the thermal qualities of the soapstone to retain heat and cold. Alongside bespoke homeware that has a dialogue with Finnish nature, botany and weather.



Invited to speak in the wonderful TEDxMunchen

titled 'Now More Than Ever' - Ido got all the crowd to participate in a Licking Experience to prove that food is the future of experience.

watch video below>> 

image001 (4).jpg

Blueprint Magazine

Just saw the big feature done about the studio in Blueprint Magazine. Always excited to have these articles giving us a retrospective feeling on our work and always an honour to be mentioned with good company of the other designers featured. 



Presenting a special collaboration with Swiss Bathroom innovators LAUFEN and tea designer Bernadine Tay (QuinTeassential) for Wallpaper* HandMade @Milan Design week 2018.

A new bath experience Infusing herbs and botanics from the world of tea into bespoke tools and carefully curated blends. Following a trip to the far east and exploring ancient practices of wellness, Ido Garini, creative director of Studio Appétit was drawn to the vast use of brewed herbs, florals and tea plants for therapeutic, wellness and medicinal purposes. Bath Blends is the first outcome of that exploration - a curated experience of unique botanical combinations that benefit body and soul alike.


The Art of Afternoon Tea

Breaking the rules of Afternoon Tea with our exciting luxury f&b concept for Rosewood London - celebrating the art of afternoon tea. And what an honour that the first dessert collection we featured we've done in collaboration with the British Museum, paying tribute to the art of Rodin. 


GAGGENAU 'Freezing beauty'

GAGGENAU kitchens have commissioned us to create culinary design art work that takes inspiration from the multi compartment cooling/freezing systems - to be featured in their new high end publication. 


SUPPER MAG x Estonia

A new still life editorial for SUPPER Magazine  exploring Estonian cuisine and culinary culture. 

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