A Studio Appétit Platform


A multi-sensory platform exploring the collision point of human beings two most stimulating activities. Eating, and having Sex.



Studio Appétit Atelier

This project's goal is to clash appetite for food with sexual appetite. Thus our research focused on the places where food and sensuality meet. The outcome is an eating experience for two, consisting

of a series of 5 dishes, each representing a culinary stage in a meal as well as a stage in a sexual encounter. Each dish embodies a unique approach toward eating by itself, but combined they redefine the experience of eating a meal, its purpose, and especially the actual way we eat - the aphrodisiac experience transforms eating from an individual experience that might be shared, to an interaction that cannot happen without the physical cooperation of both partners. Feeding each other, holding the dishes for each other, touching, feeling, and breaking the food together and for one another.

appetizer i flirting

two oyster inspired shots, containing bloody marry with fresh oysters served on opposite sides of a long oval plate, with two lemon slices in the middle. The two partners exchange only looks at this point, while sipping the shot. Then their first touch is initiated when they reach for their lemon slices.

First Course i seduction

A two sided sipping bowl, serving crab bisque with crème fraîche. Each partner has to feed the other, as there is only one bowl for two people, from which only one can drink at a time,

creating a game of power between them.


A skewer with wild mushrooms Carpaccio and Greek halumi cheese with herbs, stuck on a base with anise spirit, lit to flame. The race for control or mutuality continues as there is only one holding point, while the flame inserts a dangerous element to the experience. At this point, as passion grows, the dish becomes meatier to eat and feel.

Main Course i LUST

Partners grab the meat on a spear, heat it, tear it, and eat it together. Inspired by Korean grill, this is a large round plate with a pyramid like shape mounting in the center. On top of it, a round piece of slate is assembled. Thin pieces of raw meat are decked on the plate, cooked to taste on the pre-heated slate.

dessert i climax

Composed of 3 elements served on a plate/tray. On one edge a phallic vessel, used as a handle to eat the dome shaped moulded champagne and berries jello that completes its curvy contour. On the other side, the feminine edge, sits a gold sphere cover with a tip for honey scooping, hiding a fig filled with mascarpone cream surrounded by a ring of honey. In between, a specially designed perline and matching dish. Its infinity shape has a very narrow link in the middle. When broken, each participant is left with a chocolate pod filled with liquid chocolate - his/her own messy satisfaction.

aphrodisiac product collection


Studio Appétit Atelier

The studio combines many aspects of traditional design with out-of-the-box takes about eating and food design, alongside bespoke creations & culinary content. The Studio specialises in creating culinary worlds structured with food & product design, interiors, installation as well as conceptual platform building and boundary pushing creative direction. The studio’s diverse portfolio includes mega design brands, museums and other institutions, galleries, creative & PR agencies and manufacturers.

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