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luscious food cravings

A Studio Appétit platform In Collaboration with Lenneke Wispelwey


Luscious food cravings 


Studio Appétit Atelier

In Collaboration with Studio Lenneke Wispelwey

Photography in collaboration: Masha Bakker

Luscious Food Cravings is a new concept of multidisciplinary design. A study of food fetishes, transformed into objects, dishes, recipes and images. rough interactive research and culinary investigation, this is an exploration of our wildest and most extreme edible desires, not only creating new products, but a new world of ideas, methods, ideals and concepts.



Studio Appétit Atelier

In Collaboration: Studio Lenneke Wispelwey

The first launch of the Luscious Food Cravings collection took place during DDW. Instead of a conventional product display, Luscious'  was presented in a themed and immersive style representing the platform and inviting visitors into the platform rather than just looking at some end products. 

Within the main DDW exhibition Hall, A 3D still life painting came to life. Creating a life size flemish art inspired, monochrome dinning room setting filled with the porcelain objects, accessories and a sophisticated food display. 

The installation invited for daily participating and included immersive feature to encourage crowd interaction and formation of a connection with the platform. 




Studio Appétit Atelier

A collection of recipes and flavour explorations within the world of Luscious Food Cravings . All the recipes are designed for the bespoke tableware collection  in visual dialogue with the unique shapes and uses. The themes of the recipes are inspired from the Luscious platform and its conceptual approach. 

Photography in collaboration: Oded Ashkenazi

Luscios CookBook
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