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A Studio Appétit Platform

Things of edible beauty is a new platform by Studio Appetit, which expands the boundaries of multidisciplinary design and perceptions. It explores the everyday aesthetics of food and its ornamental value, based on flavours trend forecasting and development. It is a new embodiment of fashion, combining design objects, edible products, visuals and fragrances, timeless yet

changing by the season.

Through a rich and luscious experiential world, innovative content and hyper aesthetic objects, it redefines the way we understand food and eating.

A first product collection for the platform was developed over a span of a year - with a variety of products setting  aesthetic guidelines and a conceptual agenda for the platform.

Alongside more conventional products, a flavour research and conceptual product development resulted in unique conceptual products such as edible perfume and make up. The collection is mainly compromised from a series ofdesign collaborations in different fields. The result is a multitude of design objects that explore the aesthetics of food & the experience of eating through a joint but multi-layered lens.

Things Of Edible Beauty

VOL. 2


Studio Appétit Atelier

In Collaboration: Hilla Shamia, Erwin Zwiers, Lenneke Wispelwey, Sivan Horovitz, Roy Drabkin, Efrat Barak & Elinor Portnoy

Photography in collaboration: Masha Bakker

The launch of the product collection and first immersive experiences of Things of Edible Beauty took place in Salone Del Mobile / Milan Design Week 2015. The platform was featured in two main locations:


Brand New World exhibition 

Via A. Zarotto,1

A unique experiential environment will be created in a closed of space from the main exhibition in the beautiful DUSAN showroom, inviting visitors into the world of Things of Edible Beauty. Not only seeing object but seeing it, feeling it and tasting it.


Caesarstone / The Napoleonic Staterooms

Corso Venezia, 16

Alongside the Main Caesarstone exhibition Studio Appétit took over the boudoir that belonged to Napoleon's great love Josephine. The studio featured on Caesarstone surfaces the products and concepts of Things of Edible Beauty in a clean lined black and white presentation with the main focus, perfectly set in the Boudoir, the first reveal of the new Canopy Table.

things of edible beauty 2

Things Of Edible Beauty


2014 // Victoria & Albert Museum, London Design Festival

Studio Appétit Atelier

The first instalment of Things of Edible Beauty was commissioned for the opening of London Design Festival in the Victoria & Albert Museum. As a first feature of the investigation of Food, Beauty and Fashion - Studio Appétit has created a pop-up 'fashion' boutique. Showcasing and serving the exquisite and carefully curated flavours of Spring/Summer 2015 in forms of boundary pushing conceptual products such as the studio's renowned Edible Perfume, Jewellery embellished with food, edible make up and a special culinary guard offering S/S15 flavoured elixirs.  

v&a edible boutique



Studio Appétit Atelier

A special development by studio Appétit. An edible perfume that celebrate seasonally flavours and culinary trends. The perfume is 100% edible, alcohol based with unique food extractions. It can be worn on the body as regular perfume or sprayed on food. 

Le Désir - Autumn/Winter 2015-6

Exploring the fine line between the intimate and cosy to yearning for passion & warmth. Staring a delicious Amarena cherry essence and grounded by undertones of ginger and winter roots with a whimsical finish of rainy and fresh orange blossom.

Amuse Bouche - Spring/Summer 2015

Dominating essence of Yuzu from the east is at the base of this summer’s key flavour notes. Unripe Limes compliment the flavour palate, with Lemon Grass bridging the geographical distance, and small embellishments of Liquorice, Elderflower, and Garden Mint.

edible perfume


THINGS OF EDIBLE BEAUTY features eclectic products and objects within the platform. All the objects - tableware, furniture & jewelry, serve in their own way as a method to present food: from changing the way you prepare food and the way you serve it, to exploring new ways of eating. Yet each object is unique and stands on its own. Combined, they build a visual and experiential world that redefines the fashion of eating.



Studio Appétit Atelier

In Collaboration: Elinor Portnoy

A three part set of brass jewellery that celebrates the aesthetics of food. The set includes a ring, a bracelet and a hair comb pin. It is designed to hold edible (and non edible) elements on it, allowing you to appreciate the ornamental value of food. It changes our prescriptive on beauty, decor, and functionality, replacing precious jams with perishable fashionable delicacies like edible flowers and berries for instance. These elements of beauty can then be consumed or offered to others. However, the set is designed to work with or without the embellishments.

Photography in collaboration: Masha Bakker